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5 Ways To Pull Off A Perfect Mirror Selfie For IG

Because why shouldn’t your mirror selfie be the best?
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TBH, there’s definitely no shame in snapping up a selfie. Your mobile phone has made it possible (and socially acceptable) to share your life online on your social media—it’s like a universal remote, equipped with all the features you need to go through everyday life, and because of this, capturing your daily life on your phone has become the norm.

When you’re wearing a super stylish OOTD, it only follows that you must take a photo—a mirror selfie, that is. Don’t really know how to pose in front of a mirror and feel awkward doing it? Don’t be. Below, five tips to get you started on the mirror selfie game.

1. Cross your legs

With your legs straight in front of the mirror, it doesn’t really give the photo a lot of shape. Try crossing one leg behind the other, keeping the knee slightly bent for a flattering and lengthening shape. This works best for skirts of all lengths. The result? Legs for ~days~.

2. Point your toes

Also known as Barbie feet, you’ll need to put one leg further out in front of the other and slightly point your toes. Try this with wide-leg trousers and maxi dresses to elongate your shape or with shorts to accentuate your legs. Go on, all your fave influencers are on the trend, too!

3. Zoom in

Mirror selfies aren’t limited to just showing your OOTD, but can also be used to flaunt details of your look. Showing off a new pair of chunky earrings or how your necklace layering game is on point? Pick a detail and use that as the focal point of your photo by moving in closer towards the mirror to snap that selfie.  

4. Hide your face

Don’t let your shy girl tendencies get in the way of a great mirror selfie! Simply snap your photo from the neck down or use your phone to hide your face—either way you end up showing off your personal style without including your face in the shot. That doesn’t mean you can’t get creative and use props to hide your face: a vinyl record, a small clutch, or even a book can add the artistic touch to your mirror selfie.

5. Use the background

If you’re sporting a basic jeans and tee look, use the background to add dimension to your photo. Take a photo in an elevator full of mirrors for an illusion shot or by a glass building for a casual, out-and-about photo—wherever you are, keep on a lookout for details that could be the makings of a great mirror selfie.

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