5 Ways To Style Your Top Like A Fashion Blogger

Ever wondered why they always look so amazing?

A rule in the blogging world: Don’t be boring. Sometimes even a popped collar or a rolled cuff is enough to make your outfit stand out. Below are five lesser-known styling tricks on how to style your shirt or jacket—without even needing any additional accessories!

1. Tie your shirt around your waist.

Whether you’re rocking a flirty dress or a simple top and jeans combo, this trick instantly adds a grungy vibe to your OOTD. It can be a leather jacket, a plaid shirt, or even a denim buttondown. 

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2. Tuck only one side of your shirt

Trying to nail the model-off-duty look? Practice the art of half-tucking and you should be able to ace that laidback, effortless look in no time. Works best with denim cutoffs!

3. Wear your jacket as a cape.

We honestly don’t know how these bloggers manage to do this without the jacket falling off. But if it’s only for the sake of snapping an OOTD, we must admit, it does the trick. Extra points for those who can even walk in it!

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4. Drop a shoulder.

The off-shoulder trend may come and go, but who needs it when you could just deliberately bare your clavicle like this? You’ll be surprised how many IG stars make use of this trick—Margaret Zhang, in particular, does it one OOTD after another.

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5. Wear your buttondown as an off-shoulder top.

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Be creative and take cues from this street style star on how to transform your buttondown into a clavicle-baring top. Unbutton your shirt halfway down until it's wide enough to fit in your shoulders, then fold it on the inside so that the collar doesn't show.

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