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6 Fashion Problems Only Tall Girls Understand

"Shorts ba 'yan or panty?"

1. It's ridiculously hard to buy jeans.
You know how normal-sized people complain that they can’t seem to find the perfect pair of jeans? Tall girls have the exact same problem, but multiply that by a hundred. Jeans are never long enough. They cut right above the ankle, so tall girls usually have to buy them a size bigger—making the fit look terrible. Which is why we like Freego's Super Shaper Slounge jeans, which are long enough to cover your ankles. P.S. They're perfect with heels!

2. Short shorts and mini skirts look extra, well, mini.
Your pint-sized friend can rock a pair of denim shorts, and make them look appropriate, no matter what the occassion is. Meanwhile, you try to do that, and your butt and crotch are seen! "Shorts ba 'yan or panty?" GO AWAY, YOU PERV.

3. Dresses look like shirts on you.
Being asked, "Dress ba talaga 'yan or mahabang t-shirt?"


4. Crop tops look extra tiny on you.
The saleslady at Mini Stop asks you every day, "Ma'am, buti hindi kayo kabagin, no?"

5. In heels, you're sky-high.
In flats, nobody notices you're half-giant; in heels, you're a foot taller that everyone else—including your boyfriend. (Your boyfriend has probably gotten the "So how does it feel like to date a taller woman?" question a BILLION times).

6. You're taller than most dressing rooms.
What is the point of changing inside those tiny rooms when people can see you! 

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