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6 Ways To Look Chic While Stuffing Your Face

The definitive guide to the holiday season's hottest eating clothes.

1. Printed Boho Dresses
The '70s are totally back and those loose silhouettes and busy little prints are great for camouflaging food and wine stains, especially in darker, feast-friendly colors.

2 Joggers
You'll be glad you opted for an elastic waist band when you're digging into your third helping of sweet potatoes. With marshmallows. And that maple glaze. Am I drooling?

3. Sparkly Tops
The light reflecting off your sequined top will blind your fellow diners, allowing you to swoop in and snag the choicest pieces of ham for yourself. Suck it, grandma!

4. Color-Blocked Shift Dresses
Bodycon dresses and waist belts might look cute but they are hardly food-binge friendly. Shift dresses, on the other hand, skim over the body without restricting it, while strategic color-blocking along the waist line helps define your waist without actually cinching anything in. Also, the looser your clothes are, the easier it is to lunge across the table for that last roll. So moist. So buttery.


5. Slinky Camisoles + Cropped Sweaters
The flowy camisole will help conceal the food baby growing in your stomach and the cropped sweater will shorten your torso and make your legs look super long, which has nothing to do with food, but still.

6. Oversized Cardigans
Not only will it warm you during the unavoidable post-binge body-chills, but doing up a couple of buttons is all it will take to conceal any gravy/sauce stains you may have acquired during the meal.


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