7 No-Fail Outfit Combinations For When You're Hungover Today

You look like shit right now, but you still have brunch with the family. Here's what to wear.

Here’s the situation: You come home at 4 a.m., after partying all night with your friends for New Year’s Eve last night. Your mom wakes you up at 10 a.m., so you can catch brunch with the family at Tita Susan’s house at 11 a.m.

You have to shower (so you can get ride of the smell of vodka), do your makeup so you resemble a human being, and get dressed. You have one hour.

Here, the easiest outfit combinations for the morning after The Best New Year’s Eve Partaaay ever. Because you do not have the energy to think about this.

1. White Tank Top + Chambray Polo + Blue Jeans
Takes three minutes to put this outfit on. We have never met anyone who looked bad in a denim-on-denim combo.

2. White Crop Top + White Jeans + White Sneakers

Clean and fresh. As if you did not down 13 shots of tequila last night.

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3. Black mini-dress + Leather Brogues or Slip-Ons
Simple, elegant—totally not you last night.

4. Sparkly Top + Black Jeans
No one is going to notice your huge eyebags, when they are busy looking at that top. It is distracting.

5. Lace Shorts + Oversized Sweater + Ankle Booties

The sweater is also very convenient for warding off comments like, “Tumaba ka ata, hija.

Ay, hindi po. Malaki lang po 'yung sweater ko.”

6. Leather leggings + Your Brother’s V-Neck Shirt + White Sneakers
Think model off-duty.

7. Leather Shorts + White Tank Top + Oversized Blazer

The blazer is your ticket to looking put-together. It will not fail you.

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