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7 Practical Tips For Dressing In The Summer

No sweat!
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As much as we’d like to live in short shorts and flip-flops all day, every day this summer, it's simply just not possible. Here, how you can look, feel, and smell good in the summer heat:

  1. Choose loose.

    Easy, breezy fabrics won’t just look good in your windy, summer OOTDs, it also allows air to get through your clothes and your blood to flow, too—all of which contributes in keeping you cool.

  2. Go for easy, breezy, breathable fabrics!

    If we could only live in linen forever! Linen tops the list of most breathable fabrics, but it’s not exactly the best office-wear option, as it’s prone to easily crease and fold (think of how it’ll be ruined in your commute!). You can wear chambray to the office instead, or anything made with 100% cotton or cotton jersey. 

  3. Strategize your work wear.

    Coming into work full-suited and all, but sweating like you were literally running late OTW there is missing the point. You have to look decent and ever so ~*fresh*~ at the same time.

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    Your best bets are sleeveless tops (straps must be at least three-fingers wide) and shift dresses, or try trading your jeans and slacks for khakis, Audrey Hepburn-esque ankle pants, your ever-reliable culottes, or midi skirts that fan out in the wind.

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  4. Your shoes matter.

    At work, ditch your pumps for open-toe heels for night or wedge espadrilles for day. For everything else, you can wear strappy sandals instead of ballet flats, or your mesh-top sneakers for running errands.

    Also, if you can afford to, never ever wear the same pair of footwear two days in a row to avoid sweaty feet. Ick!

  5. Step out in head gear.

    Ever experienced entering an air-conditioned space after a long walk under the sun, only to realize you’re amoy araw? While it’s not entirely ~offensive~, it’s still better to avoid it by carrying with you a fancy umbrella (not the translucent ones LOL!) to shield yourself from the sun. It’s also better than wearing a hat—although fashionable, hats can make your scalp sweat, mess up your ‘do, or ruin the makeup along your hairline.

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  6. Avoid sweat weather clothes.

    No matter how good it looks on you, never wear velvet, polyester, rayon, and cotton-spandex in the thirty plus-degree heat!

  7. Keep it light.

    Feel like a kid again and wear only light-reflecting hues, such as pastels or white, so you’re not absorbing heat wherever you go.

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