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7 Ways To Be Comfortable And Still Look Totally Chic

Never wear another pair of itchy work pants again!

1. DITCH: Your fitted work shirt.

TRY INSTEAD: A plush, oversized white sweater.

Of course, your big, plush sweater doesn't have to be white, but there is just something so sophisticated about white—it is so clean and pure that it makes anything, even a potentially sloppy-looking oversized top, feel elegant. 

2. DITCH: That giant shoulder bag that's slowly turning you into a hunchback.

TRY INSTEAD: A grown-up backpack.

Backpacks can be just as grown up and sophisticated as other bags and once you start carrying one you'll never be able to go back to totes again.

3. DITCH: The skin-tight bandage dress.

TRY INSTEAD: A free-flowing swing dress.

The great thing about a big, loose dress  is that it can hide ANY food baby.

4. DITCH: Your high heeled torture devices going out shoes.

TRY INSTEAD: Fancy evening flats.

They are just as chic and sophisticated as high heels and, at this point, there is a flat equivalent for almost every high heel out there, so there's really no reason to suffer the pain of high heels ever again.


5. DITCH: Gym-only workout pants.

TRY INSTEAD: Sophisticated leggings you can wear anywhere.

The trick is choosing workout leggings that don't really look like workout leggings—no neon color blocking or wild, attention-grabbing prints—just easy, neutral colors, and subtle, sophisticated details like sheer mesh panels and tonal striping. Further blur the lines between gym wear and streetwear by wearing them with longer tops and booties to keep the waist band and ankles of your leggings hidden.   

6. DITCH: Contacts.

TRY INSTEAD: Beautiful glasses that double as jewelry.

The old saying that "boys don't make passes at girls in glasses" is total BS. Glasses are cute and sexy and a great way to accessorize any look. Buy a few pairs and change them to suit your mood and your outfit.  

7. DITCH: Restrictive skinny jeans.

TRY INSTEAD: Loose and luxurious wide-leg pants.

Contrary to polular belief, you do not have to be tall to pull off wide leg pants. You just need to choose a style that is high-waisted and then pair it with a cropped or tuck-in top to help make your legs look as long as possible. And don't be afraid to have your wide leg pants taken in a little. For the most flattering fit, you want your pants to fit snug around your waist and over the tops of your hips and then drop straight down.

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