8 Celeb-Approved Ways To Style Basic Black Flats

Yes, you can make them cool again.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/eleonoretoulin, (RIGHT) Instagram/lootin

Either you gave up on your old black ballet flats long ago, or you're still wearing the pair but have no idea how to make 'em look, well, cool. Your struggle is validfor a time, fashion considered them a relic of Audrey Hepburn's understatedly glam heyday...that, or just plain boring.

But now they're back and with a vengeance! It might be safe to argue that, perhaps, they'd never really left. Maybe it's simply that they haven't looked this chic in agesbelow, check out exactly what we mean.

  1. For a fancy dinner date out, throw on a short, sleek knit dress and call it a night. These Parisiennes really know what they're doing.

  2. The key is in how perfectly undone the full effect turns out to be. Toss an oversized white shirt over frayed ivory cigarette jeans, then strut that bedhead.

  3. Nonchalance mastered. Slim, dark denim, a cotton pullover, and some je ne sais quoi are all you need.

  4. Put the ballerina in ballet flats by swathing yourself in everything deliberately dainty! Eyelet cotton, ribbons, tiered ruffles, and lace stockings—go nuts. Now, pirouette.

  5. The baguette bag's having a renaissance, too! Grab one, then tuck a vintage band tee into some crisp, lemon-hued trousers for a picnic-perfect look.

  6. A boxy jacket à la Chanel adds classic flair to anything you wear. Oh, and don't forget to swing a straw basket!

  7. We love the way these plaid trousers ever-so-unconcernedly slouch over the ankles. The baggier the better.

  8. It's summer in the city, so when all else fails, a black t-shirt and frayed cutoffs will do the trick. Team with attitude!

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