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8 Fashion Things That Make Peeing A Chore

Rompers are probably one of the main causes of UTIs, we kid you not.

1. High heels
Ever played the balancing act of teetering on your stilettos, lowering yourself so you don’t splash all over the place, and maintaining that pose for more than five seconds? Yeah? Try doing that drunk.

2. Maxi dresses and skirts
Can you imagine accidentally dropping your dress in toilet water then meeting your date after tapos magtataka siya bakit amoy kanal ka?

3. Stockings and tights
Traveling to a cold country is always super exciting because ~layers~. Until you realize that stockings are a bitch to put on, and there’s NO way you’re sitting down on the toilet just to pull them back up. So you end up flailing around the bathroom stall, and the people outside have to check if you’re okay.

4. Tucked-in tops
We spend way too much time perfecting the effortless shirt tuck, and now you’re telling us we have to do it EVERY SINGLE TIME we need to pee?!

5. Jumpsuits and rompers
Alam mo yung ihing-ihi ka na tapos naka-romper ka nga pala?

6. Bodysuits
Are bodysuits and leotards that button up around your crotch a thing? Because we want them! Unfortunately, our bladders don't.

7. Shorts
Dropping your shorts to the floor with careless abandon just cannot be possible when you're using a public toilet. Nope, you have to make sure they stop to rest on your shins—ankles maybe, if you want to tempt fate.

8. Shapewear
That stuff clings to your skin, you guys! Just the idea of peeling off control underwear when we badly need to pee is enough to make us embrace our lumps and bumps once and for all.


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