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8 Stylish Things to Wear When You're Really, Really Sad

Because all you want to do is wallow in post-breakup self-pity. But stylishly.

1. Jumpsuits
You really don't have it in you to put together an "outfit" right now.

2. A Patent Leather Skirt
So that when you inevitably spill food on yourself, you can just hose it off without the emotional and physical strain of actually getting undressed. If you care about being clean that is, which you probably don't.

3. Sweatpants (But, Like, Nice Ones)

Really anything with an elastic waistband. You are way too emotionally drained for buttons and zippers right now.

4. Cute Animal T-Shirt
Take yourself back to a simpler, happier time, before your heart was broken and you were a big mess walking down the street covered in your own snot.

5. Oversized Sunglasses

You're too proud to let them see you cry. Even indoors. Even at work. Now if only you could stop sobbing. Damn these echoey cubicles!

6. Oversized Sweater
The thicker and fuzzier, the better. Just make sure it is big enough for you to tuck your arms and legs inside when you inevitably feel the need to revert to a fetal state.

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7. Shirtdress
He used to wear shirts!

8. Slip-ons
They're like sneakers, only they don't have laces. Which is perfect for shuffling from room to room like an emotional zombie. And also, they're cute.

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