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9 Emotional Stages Of Shopping

Shut up and take my money. No, wait. Don’t!

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Love is a lot like shopping. Both can send our hearts aflutter and take us on emotional rollercoaster rides. And those butterflies we get in our stomachs whenever we set our eyes on The One? Totally applicable to the apple of our eye and the perfect pair of stilettos.

Here, we present what exactly goes on inside a girl’s mind while scouring the shops for the best deals:

1. Wait, there’s a mall-wide sale?

Yassss! I've been waiting for this for months! I can finally buy myself a dress for that party on Saturday! Better look ~*gorg*~ just in case my ex decides to show up.

2. OMG! OMG! Where shall I start? Everything's 70% off!!

Maybe I can buy shoes to match my dress. And a new bag, too! And lipstick! Yup, my puckers definitely need them burgundy lippies.

3. Woah there, self! Calm down! Remember your budget!

You need to stick to it or else you'll starve for an entire week. Sweldo's not until next Friday. Do you hear me???

4. Yup, I definitely aced that sale!

Got my cute outfit and MLBB lippie without going overboard. I even have P100 to spare. I'm definitely getting better at this money thing!

5. Wait... What? My dream skirt is 50% off??

It's the last one, and yes, it's my size!! I'm not going home without this. MINE!

6. But I don't have enough cash left…

Why didn’t I bring extra money? Why didn’t I withdraw earlier? And where’s the nearest ATM? *Lets go of the skirt to look for an ATM machine.* Oh, wait! My BDO Debit Card is as good as cash nga pala! I can actually buy the skirt! Yey!

7. Why is that girl holding MY skirt?!

UGH! I’ll have to follow her around until she lets it go. I hope she doesn’t see me and think I’m some psycho stalker.

8. YES! She's not buying it!

The skirt is finally mine! Better make a run for the cashier!

9. Whew! That was a close one.

I'm never leaving home without my BDO Debit Card ever again!

With BDO Debit Card, you no longer have to line up at an ATM to withdraw cash. You can simply head straight to the checkout counter and make your purchase. You don't even need to key in your PIN or sign for transactions below P2,000 if you use your EMV Debit Card in a Tap-enabled terminal. What a timesaver, right? And best news ever: it also lets you earn BDO Rewards points every time you shop or eat out!

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