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9 Fashion Trends We Want Gone In 2016

Can Anna Wintour please send these into exile?

1. Printed leggings
Wearing leggings as pants is an abomination in itself. Animal prints and floral patterns splashed over someone’s thighs? Just. No.

Replace with: Leather leggings. The new style staple gives cotton leggings a serious upgrade, and it will look chic paired with anything in your closet.

2. Plaid shirts tied around the waist
We get it. You were too young to fully appreciate this trend when it blew up in the '90s. Enough already.

Replace with: A classic white or black blazer, thrown over your shoulders. 

3. Muscle tees
We find it difficult to take anyone in a muscle tee that screams “Check Me Out” seriously.  Ditto to the bra- and side boob-flashing these tops allow.

Replace with: V-neck tees, best worn with jeans.

4. Jogger pants
We praise the day sporty dressing became chic and acceptable (S/O to you, Alexander Wang!). But once department stores and tiangges began peddling joggers in ridiculously cheap and tacky fabrics, you know the trend has run its course.

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Replace with: Flared jeans. The '70s trend is here to stay, so we're looking for some more boho-inspired pieces in 2016.


5. Bodycon clubbing dresses
Speaking of cheap and tacky fabrics, can we also put a ban on wearing bodycon dresses on nights out? See-through mesh, strategic cutouts, and sequins galore do not a stylish outfit make.

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Replace with: If body-hugging pieces are your thing, opt for a slimming pencil skirt and balance it out with a boxy crop top. The combo never fails.

6. Hidden platform pumps
And with bodycon dresses come platform pumps that look like they were taken from Heidi Montag’s feet in an episode of The Hills.

Replace with: Go for ankle-strap stilettos or pumps with super skinny heels.

7. Crop tops paired with high-waist shorts
For a time, you couldn’t scroll through Instagram without seeing at least five of this combination. Bonus points if the top is either a halter or high-neck one.

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The replacement: We have nothing against crop tops and high-waisted shorts. But try to be more experimental in 2016 by pairing high-waisted shorts with a long-sleeved turtleneck, or your crop top with a fuller bottom like culottes or an A-line skirt.

8. Choker necklaces
If we see another selfie featuring pouty lips, a vacant gaze, and the aforementioned necklace, we will seriously throw a fit.

The replacement: Giant earrings will be huge in 2016! 

9. Traditional denim overalls

For 2016, leave the overalls to the tweens. Time to #upgrade and look more #adult this year!

The replacement: Jumpsuits in soft, flowing, luxe fabrics paired with minimal accessories. The whole point is to look classy, not pa-cute. 

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