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Summer-Friendly Jeans


Hi Donna,

How do I make wearing jeans more bearable this summer? I've always been a jeans-and-t-shirt kind of girl, but lately it's been hard because of the intense heat. I also want to change up my style a bit. I usually just stick to regular straight-cut jeans because they are the ones I'm most comfortable in.

Looking forward to hearing from you. Thanks!

Patricia, 26

Hi Patricia!

You're in luck! There have been big innovations in the denim industry recently, and one of the biggest breakthroughs has something to do with hi-tech fabric innovation. Denim now comes infused with botanical extracts to help treat your skin while you wear them! The latest Denim Spa jeans from Wrangler have aloe vera, olive, and sea kelp extracts to help soothe sensitive skin, treat dry skin, and even minimize cellulite. Maybe you should also try wearing skinny or slim-cut jeans instead of your usual straight-cut ones—these cuts look super sexy!

Thanks for writing!

Love, D

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