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As It Turns Out, You Can Stop Washing Your Jeans

For 15 months!

In 2011, Canadian college student Josh Le decided to do an experiment: he would wear the same pair of jeans for 15 months without washing it.

 According to ABC News, the idea came to Josh during a textile class. “My professor mentioned that she researches on textiles and bacteria, so it piqued my curiosity there. I half jokingly said we should do a bacterial analysis on them [Le's jeans] and that's where it sort of started,” he said.

After 15 months, Josh returned his jeans to his professor and they swabbed the inside of his jeans and then washed the pair for the first time. He then wore the same pair for 13 more days and swabbed the jeans again. The result? “There did not appear to be differences in the bacterial carriage depending on whether the jeans had been worn for 15 months or only 13 days,” said Professor Rachel McQueen. Cool, huh?

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You might be thinking, “Hindi ba ang baho nun?” According to Josh, he would conduct “sniff tests” occasionally, and when he smelled something funky from his jeans, he’d toss them into the freezer to get rid of the scent.

To get a better understanding of this experiment, check out this video:

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So yes, you can totally stop washing your jeans now. Or at least have longer periods of time in between washes. Cheers to that!

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