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How To Find The Most Flattering Jeans For Your Body Type

Get that perfect fit!
best jeans for your body type
PHOTO: (LEFT TO RIGHT) Forever21, Bershka

A pair of jeans is such a staple in every Pinay's wardrobe, and you can find it anywhere. Plus, whatever your budget may be, you could still purchase a good pair. The hard part is finding the best, most flattering fit that will show off your curves. Just like in dating, searching for that ONE TRUE PAIR takes a lot of trial and error. (And probably numerous selfie moments inside the fitting room.)

To make things easier for you, we came up with a foolproof guide that will help lead you to the perfect pair of jeans. Keep scrolling to learn the ~*ways*~.

  1. Don't mind the size labels.

    What could be a size 38 on one brand can be a different measurement equivalent to another. Also, don't be pressured to fit into a certain size. What's important is how the jeans look on your body and not the number it says on the tag.

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  2. It's always better to fit the pair IRL.

    Given that brands do not follow uniform sizing, it can be hard to purchase a pair online unless their size guide is accurate. The old-fashioned way of shopping—where you try it on in a fitting room is still the best way to fit jeans.

  3. Don't worry about the waistband being too big.

    We know many women encounter this issue: When the booty and thighs fit snugly but the waistband is loose. This is totally fine because you can have it altered or use a belt to fit on your waist. You can also try Chie Filomena's no-sew hack.

  4. Mind the crotch and the booty creases.

    Another factor to look for in jeans is how the denim falls on your crotch and booty. If you see a V-shaped fold on the crotch or the fabric is super tight on the groove between the butt cheeks, you need to go up a size. Also, try squatting while wearing the jeans. If you still feel comfy, then you've got a good pair!

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  5. Go for failproof silhouettes.

    There are some styles of jeans that are universally flattering. See what suits your ~*aesthetic*~ below:

    Mom jeans - The high rise, more relaxed fit make mom jeans a classic choice. This pair has a tapered leg but roomy on the belly, butt, and thigh areas so it flatters different body types.

    Bershka High Waist Mom Jeans
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    Bershka High Waist Mom Jeans, P1,495, Glorietta

    High-waisted skinny jeans - This silhouette is super sexy because it hugs the butt so well! Choose a pair made of stretchy denim for a flattering, snug fit. A high-waist will help support your belly and puson.

    Old Navy High-Waisted Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans For Women
    Old Navy

    Old Navy High-Waisted Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans For Women, P2,450, Zalora


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    Straight leg jeans - The name describes the pants' silhouette: Straight all the way to the hem. This relaxed, vintage fit is easy to style, whether you prefer a laidback or glam outfit.

    Uniqlo Women Straight-Leg High Rise Jeans

    Uniqlo Women Straight-Leg High Rise Jeans, P1,990, Glorietta

    Wide-leg jeans - This style cinches the waist, and the wide-leg silhouette lengthens the legs. Curvy girls will love the roomy fit.

    Zara Wide Leg Jeans with Pleats

    Zara Wide Leg Jeans with Pleats, P2,495, Zara


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    Flare jeans - This hugs the curves in the right way and lengthens the leg. A winning choice for all body types.

    Forever 21 Flare Jeans
    Forever 21

    Forever 21 Flare Jeans, P279 (Original prce: P1,425), Lazada


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  6. Consider the tailor as your best friend.

    We're all born with different bodies so a pair that looks good on your best friend may fall differently on you. For a custom, perfect fit, have your jeans altered by a tailor. You can have the waistband or hemline adjusted to suit your *exact* size.

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