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Big-Boobed Girls, This Clothing Invention Is For You

#Blessed, in more ways than one.

When you’re born with anything bigger than a B cup, getting dressed sometimes proves to be a struggle. Case in point: button down shirts. They should be one of the easiest, most straightforward things to wear, until they actually turn out to be a major pain in the ass.

Well-endowed girls are all too familiar about that annoying little gape that inevitably occurs when wearing a button down shirt. It’s like the buttons are struggling to hold their boobs down—which they probably are. So inconvenient, right?!

Marks & Spencer finally answered our prayers! We caught whiff of a new shirt style that recently launched, and it is a game changer. Check it out:

According to Cosmopolitan UK, No Peep shirts “have a hidden placket and concealed extra buttons to prevent gaping at the front, maintaining your modesty.” That means you won’t have to worry about dirty Dan eyeing you up while you lean over to press the elevator button or reach for something while in line at the cafeteria.

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Keep an eye out for these at Marks & Spencer stores!

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