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How To Wear Color On Gloomy Rainy Days

Be a bright ray of sunshine through your OOTDs!
PHOTO: Jean Saturnino, Trina Elefante

Cool rainy days are notorious for making you want to stay tucked in your bed without any plans to leave, but unfortunately, that's hardly a possibility when you're a ~responsible adult~. Don't let that spoil your mood, however—lift your spirits (and those of the ones around you) by wearing bright, cheerful colors when it's gloomy out!

Here are five outfits you can try this season:

VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Trina Elefante, Mixi Ignacio. STYLING: Celina Dayacap. MODEL: Trisha Duncan. HAIR: Marie V. Tan. MAKEUP: Tin Albano using NARS Cosmetics.

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