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10 Cute Aesthetic Outfit Ideas That Just Make Sense

You can't go wrong with these 'fits, TBH.
cute aesthetic outfits
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Clothes have always been a way for us to showcase our personalities. With the rise of so many fashion aesthetics in the past year, it's been easier than ever to really *show* who you are through your 'fits. In fact, if you go down the rabbit hole (aka Pinterest and TikTok), you'll find tons of outfit ideas that you can recreate, depending on your style.

If you're worried that you don't know what aesthetic you even want or fit in, we're here to help. We gathered outfit ideas for each fashion aesthetic so you can decide on which one you like the best. Keep scrolling for inspo (and make sure to screenshot your favorites—you know the drill!)

Cute Aesthetic Outfits to Try in 2021

1. Cottagecore

If you're already into pretty, prairie-style dresses, you'll feel right at home in this aesthetic!


2. Indie Kid

The indie kid aesthetic is all about expressing your ~individuality~. This trend takes pieces from other aesthetics and puts a more modern spin on them. Key pieces for this style include knitted sweaters, corduroy pants, bandanas, and more.

3. Soft Girl

Femininity is the core of the soft girl style. If you have pastel-toned cardigans, tennis skirts, and sweater vests, you're set for this aesthetic!

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4. Insta Baddie

Tight dresses, biker shorts, designer clothing, chunky sneakers, and minimalist handbags are all hallmarks of the Insta baddie aesthetic. 

5. Light Academia

This aesthetic will have you dressing in outfits that are white, cream, beige, and other pale colors. Don some eyeglasses and fill your tote bag with your fave books while you're at it!


6. Dark Academia

This is the visually darker counterpart of the light academia aesthetic. We suggest going for darker hues like brown, black, and gray for your outfits!

7. Y2K

The Y2K aesthetic is one of the more well-known ones on this list. Elements of this style include baby tees, low-waisted jeans, chunky sandals, baguette bags, rhinestoned tank tops, and more!

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8. Art Hoe

For this one, the primary colors are your best friend. This style also gets elements from the '80s and '90s, as seen on the windbreakers and combat boots that people with this aesthetic often wear. Bonus points if you own a Fjallraven Kånken backpack, lol!

9. Grunge

Grunge is a darker and edgier style than most of the aesthetics in this list. You'll need a lot of neutral tones for your outfits, like brown, olive green, and black. 

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10. Normcore

If you're a fan of basic pieces like white shirts, blazers, sneakers, baseball caps, and more, you'll love normcore fashion. You can ~elevate~ your 'fit by going for interesting textures and cuts!

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