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Cute And Comfy Outfits To Wear On A Flight

Fly the skies in style!

While we love traveling, taking a plane to our destination isn’t exactly on the list of our favorite things to do. Sitting for hours on a metal box thousands of miles above the ground—not to mention all the lining up and security checks that happen before you actually get inside the plane—can be an actual pain in the ass (no puns intended). Should that be a reason for you to look sabog and ngarag? Uhm, nooo. Make sure you land at your destination looking like a total babe with these OOTD ideas!

1. Legs for days
Throw on an easy shirt dress, lace up your sneakers, and you’re set. If cabin temperatures get too cold, a duster coat helps keep you warm.

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2. Sweat it out
An oversized gray sweater is a modern essential every girl needs—balance its roomy proportions with slim trousers. Footwear wise, slingback flats are so easy to take on and off.

3. Waist away
A plain tee and black jeans are standard casual fare, so why not add a plaid shirt? This actually serves two purposes: one, to make things interesting, and two, to layer with once it gets too cold up in the air.

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4. Best of both worlds
Dress smart before you jet off to a new country. By this, we mean combining pieces that work for two different climates. A tank top and a straw hat are tropical weather essentials, while a longline cardi and skinny jeans work for cooler cities.

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5. Neutral ground
For fuss-free dressing, you can’t go wrong with gray and black. Wrinkles and stains won’t be as obvious on these hues, so plan accordingly!

6. Midi magic
If you just can’t find a comfortable sitting position in jeans or pants, try a midi dress to keep those legs free. Once you’re out of the airport, don a hat and sunnies to hide a tired face.

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7. Go with the flow
Fold yourself into a pretzel and doze off—yes, even in economy class—by reaching for super comfy culottes. You really won’t regret doing so.

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8. Color theory
A long-haul flight is bound to wreak havoc on your appearance. Swipe a flattering lipstick shade and wear a cheerful pastel top to brighten up your face and make you look fresh.  

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