7 Cute And Easy Food-Themed Halloween Costumes

DIY your heart out!

Need a last-minute costume for the Halloween party you completely forgot about? Or maybe you’ve just decided to retire your Playboy bunny outfit. One of the easiest DIY costumes you can throw together is the dress + head accessory combo… and it doesn’t even have to be elaborate!

Here are some cute food-themed costumes you can make this weekend (because Halloween is the only time of the year when a sexy strawberry outfit totally makes sense). 

1. Got a tan dress? Dress up as a hamburger!

2. Ketchup + hotdog + mustard = triple threat!

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3. Ball hard with this pearl milk tea costume.

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4. Bring all the boys to the yard in this milkshake costume.

5. Keep it sweet in a cotton candy costume.

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6. Go with bae as milk and cookies!

7. Fruity! <3

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