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How To Get Into The Cycling Shorts Trend, As Seen On Celebs

Cop these cool girl looks!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/itscamilleco, (RIGHT) Instagram/martine

We always thought of bike shorts as…well, shorts for biking. It would be dreadful to see these worn out on the streets as an actual bottom! Coming from the decade we still can't seem to let go of—the '90s—the bike shorts trend was one we were never really crazy about.

Well, until these celebrities and style influencers began showing us cool spandex OOTDs! Come to think of it, cycling shorts are comfy, and quite versatile if only you know how to style it.

Below, a few outfit examples to get you into the cycling shorts trend:

Shiny, neon, and green all over

Take it from Georgina Wilson to know how to make a sporty piece, well...non-sporty. Retro-inspired and glamorous, she picks a shiny luxe top to offset her spandex, made-for-the-gym bottom.

What you need: Key trendy pieces that are totally out of the "athleisure" or sporty department.

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Street swag in black

Loisa Andalio's cycling shorts of choice come with sporty side stripes, totally leveling up its street cred. As for the rest of her outfit, she keeps it corporate-formal with an oversized blazer and killer stiletto mules.

What you need: A lot of swag and confidence and strength (imagine being super covered up on top and kinda breezy at the bottom!). You probably already have the essentials in your closet, so this one's really more about your attitude.

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Taking it back to the '90s

Other than being Martine Cajucom's favorite decade, obvs, the '90s is also when bike shorts originated. Plastic heels, a head band, pastels, and a tube top are all throwing it back to this girl group decade and Martine's execution is just perfect.

What you need: Dig into your clothes baul—that is, if you haven't KonMari-ed your old clothes yet. Maybe you'll find cute, plastic accessories to add to your OOTD.

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Let's get physical!

Honestly, such an outfit as Camille Co’s can be quite hard to pull off. Imagine how unforgiving body-skimming bike shorts are, and you're gonna tuck a shirt into it? Eeep! But of course, that's what Camille Co is for. She shows us how it's done and gives us hope that all is possible, especially when you're well-stocked with seamless underwear.

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What you need: A nice, kind of loose top that you can easily tuck into your shorts.


A modern-day Hepburn, Janine Gutierrez can elevate any mainstream trend into one that oozes with chicness. Here, she turns bike shorts into a full cycling outfit with an inner top to match, puts on a deep wine blazer, cinches everything together with a black leather belt, and steps into plastic heels for an added '90s touch—and viola, an A+ OOTD!

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What you need: A blazer that's good enough for evening affairs, a structured belt, and simple heels. Best worn with an on-fleek, old Hollywood beauty look, too.

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