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10 Effortless Ways To Upgrade Your Basic Outfit

Minimal effort, maximum impact.
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Every so often, we open our closets and think that we have "nothing to wear." It's normal to go through a wardrobe slump, especially now that our emotions are being tested by the news, work issues, and others. Instead of going on shopping apps to purchase an item to satisfy your need for newness, try working with pieces you already own first.

Ahead, we help upgrade your outfit with easy style tips that don't require so much effort at all.

(Tip: Choose one to three of these tips to make your basic outfits look extra!)

Easy And Effortless Outfit Styling Ideas To Try

  1. Wear delicate jewelry

    These tiny trinkets can make a basic outfit look chic. Say, for example, a white tank and jeans combo! You can opt for a dainty necklace or minimalist hoops.

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  2. Paint your nails

    Not in the mood to accessorize? Get a mani! If you want to do it yourself, try these minimalist nail art designs.

  3. Go for resin rings!

    Now if you've got a colorful mani, you can level up the rainbow game with some resin rings. Chunky jewelry will definitely grab everyone's attention.

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  4. Layer necklaces

    This tip is underrated. Deck your neck and collarbones with cute necklaces to make a fashion statement.

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  5. Experiment with tonal looks.

    Get rid of the mix and match decision-making when you go for a monochromatic outfit. Plus points if you choose a neutral color palette.

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  6. Follow the three-piece rule.

    Layering a jacket or blazer can make your outfit look more put-together. If the weather is too hot, try a button-down shirt.

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  7. Don't forget your hair

    If you don't believe the ~*power*~ of hair accessories or hats, you're missing a lot. Bad hair day? Put on a cap or bucket hat. Bored with your look? Put on hair clips or a headband!

  8. Wear a belt.

    Trust us, your outfit would look more complete with a belt. BTW, you don't need to match the color with your shoes. Anything goes!

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  9. Be creative with how you cuff your pants

    The way you cuff your pants changes the way your outfit looks! Here are some sharp ways to do it.

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  10. Put on a statement bag or shoes

    Your bag or shoes serve as the "period" of your outfit because it completes your look. Choosing a pair of classic heels, cute ballerina flats, or hypebeast sneakers can be a fashion game-changer.

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