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Effortless Ways To Wear Denim With Sneakers

Our uniform on weekends, pretty much.

There’s no doubt about it—denim and sneakers go hand-in-hand the same way Kanye and Kanye do. Here’s how we’re styling ours this weekend:

1. Aye, aye, captain
Cruising on a boat might not be on any of our agendas, but we’d totally wear this outfit while exploring a new city or, you know, strolling around the mall.

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2. Rip to pieces
A trendy throwback we’re fully supporting, overalls—in this case, tattered acid-wash ones—echo that effortless vibe sneakers have. Try it with a striped tee and a parka for cooler climates.

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3. Boyish flair
If you work in an environment that has pretty lax dress codes, consider yourself lucky. Try this French-inspired combination: slightly loose button down, distressed jeans, messy hair, and clean kicks.

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4. White wash
Jeans in classic blue and black already have a permanent place in your closet, so why not add a pair in white, too? Pair with pastel pink or powder blue for maximum impact.

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5. Grate expectations
Got a pair of jeans you don’t wear anymore? Experiment by shredding the hem to create a super chic effect—then wear them with a flashy or extremely covetable pair of sneaks.

6. Cool with you
All It girls have a denim jacket in their wardrobe. Steal their effortless style by having a standby style to wear with your comfy kicks.

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7. Proportion play
Mix different lengths by pairing itty bitty denim shorts with a maxi cardi. On your feet? Sharp black sneakers, of course. 

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