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Everything You Need To Know About Wearing A Thong

The right pair will feel super comfortable.
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You wouldn't think to wear a thong unless you really had to—like when you wear a bodycon dress or leggings. You might even choose bikini-cut or boyshort panties over thongs because they're seemingly more comfortable. Thongs get a bad rap for being an uncomfortable type of panty worn only in the bedroom, but ICYDK, the right pair will be something you’ll want to wear all the time. Aside from making you feel sexy, here's why you should consider wearing thongs with your everyday outfits:  

1. They might not look it, but they're super comfortable. 

When it comes to choosing the fabric, go for cotton. It’s light and breathable, but will still cover up your intimates. Ideally, you won't even feel the cotton between your cheeks since nothing gets bunched up. Plus, you'll feel more free to move around as compared to when you have fabric covering your bum. If you want to wear a thong to the office or when you’re running errands, slip on a cotton-lined one to avoid chafing. 

2. They can help you be more body positive.

While cotton is the most gentle on your skin, this doesn’t mean you should avoid treating yourself to thongs made of lace or silk. Lingerie is a worthy self-investment, and you don’t have to wear them only for hot dates—wear them on days when you’re feeling yourself, too. Finding the thong that highlights and hits your curves just right can be a gamechanger when it comes to your confidence, even if you're the only one seeing yourself in your undies. Whether you’re heading out or staying in, put on that lacy thong to rev up your energy.

3. They can hide panty lines.

FYI, thongs help you avoid visible panty lines when you’re wearing anything skin-tight. The next time you don skinny jeans or a bodycon dress, wear it confidently and comfortably with a thong. Bye, VPL!

4. Wearing one shouldn’t feel like an all-day wedgie.

Wearing a panty that’s too tight won’t provide enough air circulation around your vaginal area, which is important because it prevents chafing and irritation. In the same way, thongs shouldn’t feel like floss when you wear them, so go a size up if you feel it’s a tad tight. The right pair will have you forget you’re wearing a thong in the first place.

5. They’re totally pantyliner-friendly. 

While wearing a thong won't distract you from your daily hustle, feeling less than fresh might. If you’re the type who wears pantyliners every day to keep your singit fresh or catch discharge, this doesn’t mean you can’t wear a thong. ICYDK, some pantyliners can be folded to fit any kind of panty, even a thong, like the New Carefree FlexiComfort Panty Liner. It has a unique shape with an ultra-thin design and foldable tabs to fit the shape of any type of underwear. This extra breathable liner also has aloe vera extract that helps soothes skin as it keeps you feeling fresh all day. The next time you don a thong, wear the Carefree FlexiComfort Panty Liner with it!

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