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Fashion For Your Shape

Here's our last hurrah for Fashion Month in Cosmo this year: fashionable pieces to help you work your assets--whichever they are!

Part of dressing up is knowing your body shape and learning to embrace your assets. Sure, sometimes you still find yourself wishing for smaller hips, bigger boobs, or longer legs. But the thing is, you don’t need to succumb to cosmetic surgery to hide your “flaws” because what you wear can actually create wonders for your figure!

As Fashion Month in Cosmo draws to a close this year, we're giving you one of our best style treats yet. We hope that after all the fashion tips we've loaded you with this November, you now know that fashion is not about trends, but about knowing how to make it work for you--for your style, personality, budget, and shape.

When you launch this fashion gallery, you'll see stylish, easy-to-pull-off pieces for three common body shapes—hourglass, pear, and rectangle. We also added accessories that will surely give that extra oomph to your ensemble. Click the button below, and take these basic fashion tips to heart!

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