Fashion Trends: 5 Casual Wear Styles You Can Rock With Your Guy

For the rainy season and succeeding cold months, a local fashion brand turned to London for inspiration for its new collection of outfits that both you and your man would love.

Here's a Cosmo dating tip: Take your man shopping...(wait for it)...and enjoy matching trendy outfits for a different kind of bonding (hey, this is your chance to upgrade his t-shirt-and-jeans staple look!). It can be guilt-free (and squirm-free, on his part), since you can visit local stores like Penshoppe, which offers clothes for both of you at reasonable prices that suit your couple budget.

In the recent Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 (see related articles here), Penshoppe unveiled their Holiday 2010 collection called the New Urbanite Collection, which features five key trends. The collection takes you on a stroll down the streets of London, whose signature holiday fashion is marked by somber shades and liberal layers.

The New Urbanite Collection showcases casual wear for you and your guy in somber shades of sleek black, cool gray and blues, and crisp whites. These shades are expressed in layers, detailing, and clever mixing-and-matching. Together, they define the five distinct looks Penshoppe offers: Tailored Sport, featuring sophisticated active wear; Restrained Distress, a laidback and artsy line; Retro Specs, vintage glam-grunge at its finest; Dark Romantics, with edgy and Victorian-esque pieces; and Active Duty, casual cool with a military flair.

The Tailored Sport trend features tank tops, shorts, hoodies, and varsity jackets in cool blues and grays, done in lightweight fabrics, geometric cuts, lines, and blocks. Meanwhile, you and your artsy-fartsy guy will love Restrained Distress, with its deconstructed denims washed and blasted in novel methods, plaid tops and polos in muted colors, and easy, slouch dresses.

Feeling nostalgic for the past? You and your guy can have fun with Retro Specs. Feel like James Dean and Marilyn Monroe with distressed statement and graphic prints, coated denim deans and jackets, and coats you and him would love to dock into. To inject a subtle seriousness to your otherwise casual look, look through Dark Romantics, with its muted hues, stripes, and prints updated with Victorian-esque details: bandleader jackets and double-breasted coats.

And to update yours and his closets with this season's utilitarian trend, check out the Active Duty collection with militia-inspired spunk in fatigues and khakis; cuts and details like epaulets and coats; bomber jackets; and sleek, clean-cut fitted shirts.

Check out Penshoppe stores for the first batch of pieces from this one-of-a-kind collection that Cosmo chicks and their men could rock. Click through the gallery for a preview of this hip collection at the Philippine Fashion Week ramp.

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