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Filipino Fashion Brands You Need To Check Out

PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/goldenmonstera, (RIGHT) Instagram/sepacebu

We're all for loving our own. From having newfound appreciation for our woven fabrics to continuously supporting local designers, Filipinos seem to be on the right track. But here's another way to show you're a proud Pinoy: buying from local entrepreneurs! So below, we round up 15 local fashion retailers online offering 100% Filipino-made products you'll surely love.

1. Afternoon Fridays

Upgrade your office bag with something unisex. Aside from its structured shape and metal accents, this one's made out of 100% vegan leather and manufactured in the country.

2. Lara 

Banig has never looked this stylish and colorful. This Samar-grown label is reviving the art of banig-weaving in its most creative form to fit your modern wardrobe.


3. Dandy Ona Jewelry

Local artist Dandy Ona has a knack for creating dreamy and intricate pieces that are perfect for weddings, engagements, birthdays, and other special days. In fact, he can even customize pieces just for you!

4. Filip + Inna

Filipinna promises articles of clothing that embrace local traditions and merges them with contemporary fashion. Just take a look at their vibrant and intricately woven pieces that encompass just how spirited our culture can be.

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5. Dos Marias

Woven bags seem to be everywhere this season, but you might want to pay special attention to Dos Marias for the noble causes they support. This brand helps out handcrafting communities through their bags and also works to achieve a plastic-free Philippines.

6. Presco

Presco is committed to sustainability without sacrificing style. They go the extra mile in making sure that their fabrics are produced in the most eco-friendly way. Plus, their brand philosophy promises to provide you only with highly breathable and comfy pieces for your wardrobe.


7. Madefinas

Madefinas will show you how a modern Filipina accessorizes. Bright and statement pieces are at the core of this local shop that curates only handcrafted pieces.

8. Marquina Shoemaker

Made by millennials for millennials, Marquina Shoemaker is reviving the glory of Marikina-made shoes and they're proof of just how well-made and stylish our local leather pairs can be.

9. Style Isle

Style Isle will be your new go-to for brass jewelry sourced all over the country. They also curate handcrafted pieces made by local artisans and indigenous tribes.

10. Kera and Co

Kera and Co will remind you of tropical summers with their fun and colorful pieces for the Filipina who loves unique jewelry.


11. Golden Monstera

This online store has gold and brass at the heart of its brand. They lovingly make delicate handmade pieces that every minimalist gal will love.

12. Ramir

Ramir provides the sturdiest and most stylish handmade leather sandals that are perfect for weekends at the beach and around the city.

13. Vinta Gallery

Who says Filipinianas can only be worn as costumes? Caroline Mangosing of Vinta Gallery will convince you to wear ternos, barongs, and other traditional clothes on an everyday basis.

14. Sepa Cebu

This Cebuano shop summarizes what it's like to live in the Philippines through its fun, quirky, and tropical earrings.


15. Yorke Studios

Yorke Studios is hinged on simplicity and all things natural when it comes to making their bags. Scroll through their feed and you'll see just how easy it is to incorporate their vegan leather bags into your everyday outfits!

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