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5 First Date Outfits And What They Say About You

Finding the perfect first date outfit generally ends with a ravaged closet, a clothes-strewn room, and panic.

1. Skirt with Converse.
This outfit says, "I enjoy foreign films and browsing H&M Home for the most esoteric room decorations." You threw this outfit together after browsing Zara for the perfect dress, until you realized you'd have to mortgage your house to afford that Zara dress. Girl, I've been there. 

2. Jeans and a low-cut top.
After finally settling on your tightest jeans and your lowest-cut sleeveless shirt, this outfit says, "Hey, look how chill I am because I'm not wearing a dress! I'm ONE OF THE GUYS! But boobs though. Look at my boobs." You wear this almost every time you go on a date. It's a great go-to for most situations, as it is a flawless combination of nonchalance and sex appeal. You've found your ideal outfit. Why not stick with it?

3. Maxi dress.
You're unafraid of showing your hippie side to the guy you're going out with, and that's cool. When it comes to fashion, comfort is a necessity, so you won't often be found in heels or a bodycon anything on a first date. The more comfortable you are in your outfit, the more comfortable you feel on the date, and he'll respond positively to your good energy.


4. LBD and heels.
Unless you are going to the fanciest bar ever/Buckingham Palace, rather than a house party, you may be overdoing it. But if this is your Magic Outfit, the one that makes you feel like Gisele, you made the right decision! Unfortunately, if this guy is not a heinous dillweed and you decide to go out with him again, it'll be hard to one-up your bangin' first date outfit. But I guess that's just an excuse to do some shopping.

5. Wrap dress.
Classy! You demand nothing less. You're not willing to put up with any bullshit and you're looking for someone just as driven as you are.



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