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Study Says Wearing High Heels Will Make Men Help You More

Why are we not surprised?

Want to attract more guys? Science says you should wear heels.

Yep, there's a study published in Springer's Journal, Archives of Sexual Behavior, that a woman's choice of footwear influences how men behave towards her. 

Researcher Nicolas Guéguen of the Université de Bretagne-Sud in France conducted several field experiments to test this theory. First, he asked women to wear 5-centimeter heels and 9-centimeter heels. Then he sent them to the streets to ask random guys and girls to answer a quick survey. The women were able to ask a total of 270 dudes and 180 girls—and the woman who wore highest heels had more luck getting guys.

Next, he asked a woman to wear flats, then medium-sized heels, and then ridiculously high heels. He made her sit alone at a bar. The result wasn't surprising at all: Guys hit on the woman more when she was in the highest heels.

He then asked women to wear flats in various heel heights, and to "accidentally" drop a glove near a guy or a girl. Of course, more guys helped the woman who wore the highest heels.

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This study isn't exactly groundbreaking. Because we all KNOW that wearing heels is equivalent to owning the world. We walk differently because our postures improve, our legs look longer and leaner, and our butts become perkier!

So yes, in heels, we can RUN THE WORLD. Just ask Beyonce:

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