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6 Cute Couple Costumes For Halloween

Budget-friendly costumes for you + bae!
PHOTO: Riverdale/Warner Bros. Television Distribution

You’ve got a couple of parties to go to, a hot date, but nothing to wear? Don’t worry, we’ve got you. Raid your closet, shop for a few key pieces or props, and you’ve got an awesome couple costume!

1. Riverdale: Jughead and Betty

If you ship Riverdale’s favorite solitary writer and resident good girl, this one should be easy.

For Jughead: Find a maroon T-shirt, brown-gray-maroon plaid shirt, and dark, faded jeans. But the most important part: The hat! Make sure this outfit comes with a dark sense of humor, sarcasm, and a perma-smirk—at least for the night!

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For Betty: A tight-fitting V-neck sweater in any pastel color, paired with a cute A-line skirt and a pair of sneakers. Sweep your hair into a neat ponytail, and keep your makeup clean and fresh. Your most important accessory, however, is a sweet, sincere demeanor on the outside! ;) 

2. Riverdale: Archie and Veronica

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Maybe you prefer another couple from the show? Go for the hot football player/musician and the poor, little, rich girl.

For Archie: Get a can of spray-on red hair color from a drugstore. Find a blue, long-sleeved shirt, a patterned necktie, dark jeans and a pair of Chucks. Carry around a guitar and sing your heart out.

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For Veronica: Find your most chic LBD, and accessorize with a three-string pearl necklace. Make sure your eyebrows are on fleek, and your eyeliner is immaculate. Killer heels and references to literature are a must!

3. Train to Busan: Seok-Woo and Soo-An

One of the biggest movies in 2016 was Train to Busan. Admit it, you have a crush on Seok-Woo, played by Gong-Yoo. And little Soo-An was kind of adorable! So if you’re petite and your date is kinda tall, this costume idea might work for you!

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Seok-Woo: Find a crisp, nicely fitted white shirt, and add fake blood stains using red food coloring. Pair this with slim black or dark grey slacks, and black leather shoes.

Little Soo-An: Match a light grey T-shirt with a patterned blue skirt. Complete the outfit with a maroon cardigan. Don’t forget the knee-high socks and white sneakers. If you want the props, too, find a mustard backpack with white polkadots!

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4. Train to Busan: Sang-Hwa and Sung-Gyeong

Maybe you were rooting for this other little family! Rough but sweet daddy Sang-Hwa just wanted to look out for his wife and his unborn child.

This might be a cool costume idea if your date is kinda buff and a little masungit!

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For Sang-Hwa: Find a dark blue, fitted T-shirt and pair it with faded jeans. The most important accessories: yellow boxing wraps, and a look that says, “Fight me!”

For Sung-Gyeong: A short, white dress with blue patterns, white sneakers, beige leggings, and a light beige jacket. Don’t forget the baby bump!

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5. Ghostbusters: His and Hers

For both of you: Find grey or brown one-piece jumpsuits from a hardware store. While you’re there, score some goggles and fingerless black gloves and pair it black rubber boots. Find bright, orange tape, and add stripes across the chest and biceps, and on your boots, too.

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You might even want to make your own proton pack!

6. Baby Sharks

You’ve probably heard the song (and have secretly danced to it). Now it’s time to wear the costume!

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For him: Find a long-sleeved white shirt with a light blue or light green horizontal wave pattern.

For you: Make it pink!

Important: Red and white lifesavers, and the dance moves!

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