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ICYMI, Heart Evangelista Has A New Fave Styling Trick

Score style tips straight from Heart!
PHOTO: instagram/iamhearte

Dresses are heaven-sent. They're easy outfit solutions when you find mixing and matching clothes a tad too tedious. But while dresses are chic go-tos, there's not much you can do to re-style it, especially if it's a dress that comes in bold prints. This changes now, all thanks to Heart Evangelista's nifty styling trick!


For the launch of her newest Kamiseta collection, Heart was clad in a dress which she designed herself. Bearing a much recognizable print, Heart cleverly switched things up by styling it with an unconventional outfit add on: a button-down denim skirt! Note how she only buttoned the top part of the skirt, which created a more defined A-line silhouette by cinching her waist. The style trick also added an illusion of a fuller skirt, and it provided a welcome break from her dress' busy print. 

Need further proof? Heart repeated her new fave styling trick a few more times to prove its sartorial merit. As you can see below, it works just as well when you want to add a punch of color to your ensemble or to give an illusion of a longer hemline. Quite genius, don't you think?

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BRB, shopping for our own button-down skirt, stat!