Here Are Fresh Ways You Can Style Your Favorite Denim Pieces

Here’s how to make the most out of this closet staple.

Denim is a very versatile piece, but it has become synonymous with the everyday, casual look that sometimes borders on boring. But with the help of some fresh styling, anyone can pull it off without looking like an average Jane. Here are a few tips to add character to your favorite closet staple. 

1. Play With Denim Jackets

Wear them, drape them over your shoulders, or tie them around your waist for an instant model off-duty look. It's an effortless, edgy vibe added to any basic outfit! 

2. Upgrade your Denim Dresses

Layering can help you look fun and fashion-forward. Wear your dresses or overalls over your basic tees and pair them with a statement pair of sandals. Denim can be feminine and flirty, too!

3. Mix them with Fun Foot Wear

Your options with shoes are limitless when it comes to denim fashion. Don't just limit it to sneakers and flats; opt for chic pairs of boots, pumps, or sandals. Your choice of footwear can be enough to upgrade your overall look.

4. Have fun!

The beauty of denim is that you can throw it over anything--a flannel or statement shirt, and you're good to go. Take your cue from your favorite fashion influencers during the #DateMeAtSM event to give your favorite casual denim a fresh twist. 

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