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Here's How To Take Care Of Your Bra

Don't wash it every day.

How long have you been holding on to that ratty bra, CGs? The average bra has a lifespan of only 6-8 months before you need to throw it out. While special occasion bras can last longer, your favorite bras, including the ones you use as pambahay or in the gym wear out faster. Signs of wear and tear include overly stretched-out fabric, straps that no longer adjust well, hooks that no longer fasten, and underwire pain. To extend the lifespan of your favorite bra, heed these care tips.

1. Rotate it with other bras.

Using the same bra every day will make the fabric stretch out faster. It’s better to have many bras to rotate rather than overusing one favorite pair.

2. Don’t wash it every day.

You read that right, CGs. Washing it every day will ruin the cup shape and wear out the fabric faster. While there is no strict rule on how often you should wash it, bra experts suggest treating it like a pair of jeans—you don’t have to wash it after every single use, unless it’s after a sweaty day at the gym.

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3. Wash with care.

Like lingerie and other delicates, it’s best to hand wash your bra, no matter what fabric it’s made of. But if you really can’t help but use the washing machine, place your bras in a lingerie bag and make sure you fasten the hooks or closures first before washing. It prevents the bra from twisting around the machine. When in doubt, read the labels.

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4. Dry properly.

Unlike other regular pieces of clothing, bras shouldn’t be wrung dry. Don’t attempt to squeeze the excess water out of the cups; it will distort the cup shape and you’ll risk having the underwires pop out. Gently pat the bra dry before laying it flat on a surface with an old towel. While there are many editorial photos showing bras hanging from a clothesline, that actually overstretches the fabric and can cause it to change shape. The drier and iron are also equally bad ideas.

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5. Store it well.

Don’t just crumple and dump them in the drawer like socks or shirts. Stack them together the way fancy lingerie shops display them. Stacking will help maintain the bra’s original shape. 

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