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You'll Love These High-Waisted Pants That Support Your Puson

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High-waisted jeans are a godsend. As they sit high up on the torso, they support the tummy without needing shapewear. Every girl must have one pair in her closet because of its versatile silhouette—you can wear it with sweaters, t-shirts, crop tops, and blouses. Plus, high-waisted jeans look great on all body types.

If you don't know where to shop the best and comfiest pairs, we rounded up some of the most figure-flattering high-rise jeans in the market:

  1. Levi's 724 High-Rise Straight Jeans Carbon Glow 

    For a high-rise pair that you surely won't end up throwing away after a few washes, Levi's high-quality jeans are the way to go. This pair's high-waist design reaches as high up as 10 inches to hug your curves, prevent gaping at the waist, and lengthen your silhouette—all at the same time. It's available in darker and lighter washes, too! 

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    Levi's 724 High-Rise Straight Jeans Carbon Glow, P2,499.50, Glorietta

  2. Spanx Jean-ish Ankle Leggings

    These are not your average jeggings. This high-rise denim-slash-leggings is built with an interior shaping panel on its mid-section to support the puson. Get one in a dark wash for a sleek look! 

    Spanx Jean-ish Ankle Leggings, P6,950, Zalora

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  3. Gap High Rise Legging Jeans

    Gap is another classic brand that sells ultra-comfortable jeans. Now, this pair may fit as snug as a legging, but its dark and slightly faded wash makes it look like a regular pair of jeans. 

    Gap High Rise Legging Jeans, P1,950 (from P2,450),


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  4. Old Navy High-Waisted Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans for Women

    Aside from its impressively full range of sizes accommodating petite to plus size, Old Navy's "Rockstar" line of skinny jeans is well-loved for being comfortable to wear-all. Its stretchy material and curve-hugging waistband provide the body with all the support it needs.

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    Old Navy High-Waisted Built-In Warm Rockstar Super Skinny Jeans for Women, price available upon request, Bonifacio High Street