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Holiday Gifts For Your Entire Family

You're gonna be everyone's favorite person in your upcoming reunions!
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Admit it—as much as you love shopping for yourself, getting caught up in the high of Christmas shopping for your loved ones is just as addicting. Nothing feels better than seeing the look on your family and friends' eyes the moment they open the gifts you personally sourced, bought and hand wrapped for them.

Stumped on which gifts to give the loves of your life? Breathe easily—this list of items from The SM Store is sure to have them adore you even more for the rest of 2016.

1. Gift mom her newest beauty ritual.

She's busy running your family business, your household, granting your food requests, scheduling your brothers' dentist appointments, and your dad's affectionate tantrums. Gift the superwoman in your life a face mask that'll make her look like she's just a part of your barkada.

2. Your dad will love a new button down shirt!

He's the best dad in the world for you, but he's not the smartest dresser. No problem! Act like a stylist and gift your clueless pop with a fashionable top he'll be proud to wear anywhere!

3. Ate will go crazy over her new statement bag.

She's always been the one you can rely on for a quick fashion fix whenever you needed it, so, instead of raiding her closet this time, gift your big sis a new addition to her enviale bag collection.

4. Make your younger sister the darling of the crowd this Christmas with cute new boots.

Since your parents will never buy them for her, be the fashion-forward ate and grant young little sis' style wishes with fringe boots she'll wear with anything.

5. A cute parol bag will make your ninang squeal with joy.

She's always the quirky aunt who loves Christmas, cracking jokes, and cooking for her loved ones. Make her Christmas every bit as colorful with a big bag with a joyful vibe.

6. Teach your inaanak new tunes with a cheeky toy instrument.

It's just priceless when you see your baby nephew smile. A toy instrument you both could play together is sure to make him giggle with delight and keep the tantrums at bay.

7. A set of plates will warm your newlywed best friend's soul.

You may have acted all wild and rowdy in her bachelorette party, but now that she's married, it's time you gift your BFF with something that will aid in her new wedded bliss: new plates for her and the hubby!

8. Cool clothing for your teenage cousin.

She's a fan of social media superstars and is starting to pay attention to her style: treat your cuz to a brand new outfit that will make her feel like a million bucks.

9. Your high school barkada will love their matching stationery.

You don't know what you'll do without your sisterhood—relive your high school memories and seal the friendship with matching notebooks that will remind you of your teenage kakulitan.

10. A new necklace will thrill your favorite hairstylist.

She's been with you through annoying pixie cuts and gorgeous va-va-voom tresses. Your resident hairstylist is the only one you'll trust your hair with, so make her equally beautiful with a striking necklace she can put on when she's not at the salon.


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