How To Choose The Right Bridal Gown To Match Your Personality

The question is, what kind of a bride are you?
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As a bride, you deserve to feel like the most beautiful woman on Earth on your big day. And in order to make that happen, wearing the ~*perfect*~ wedding dress as you walk down the aisle is simply not negotiable. It's important that your gown fits you like a glove. For the record, we don't just mean your measurements; it has to match your personality, too!

Good thing CocoMelody, a U.S.-based bridal retailer, is finally in the Philippines! With so many options for beautifully designed yet surprisingly affordable wedding gowns for all kinds of brides, your journey to saying "I do" in the most stylish way possible just became a lot easier.

Whether you're traditional, edgy, or fashion-forward, there's a CocoMelody bridal gown that suits your personality. To get you started, go ahead and find your perfect match below.

1. For the classic bride:

Decades from now, you'll want to look at your wedding pictures and see yourself in a bridal gown with a style that transcends the test of time. Of course, you know you can never go wrong with classics. A white, minimalist gown that even the most meticulous girl can't say no to? Foolproof!

2. For the feminine bride:

You've been fantasizing about becoming a princess ever since you were a little girl, and on your wedding day, that dream can finally become a reality. You just need the perfect ball gown peppered with the finest embellishments to make you feel every bit like royalty.

3. For the fun-loving bride:

Life for you is a party, and so will be your wedding! Walk down the aisle in a little white dress that best resonates with your cheery, fun-loving personality. The best part? You'll feel super comfortable as you dance the night away!

4. For the chic bride:

You know fashion like the back of your hand, which makes you unafraid to experiment with your personal style. Being the chic bride that you are, a boring wedding gown simply won't do. It has to be something fashion-forward, much like you.

5. For the edgy bride:

You like to think outside the box and live by your own rules, so why should your wedding day be an exception? They can't expect you to wear white just because that's how brides have done it—after all, black has always been your color.

6. For the conservative bride:

You're not comfortable showing too much skin, and that's okay—that doesn't mean you can't feel pretty on your wedding day. A long gown in romantic lace will give you just enough coverage without compromising your style.

7. For the simple bride:

FYI, simple doesn't mean boring. You just don't like complicated, and the good news is it doesn't have to be. A no-frill gown that suits you perfectly? It exists!

8. For the practical bride:

Not everyone wants to spend a hefty sum for a wedding gown that can only be used once. You're a practical bride, and that's not something to be ashamed about. Thankfully, you have lots of options to choose from if you prefer a dress that you can wear even after your wedding!

9. For the sweet bride:

You adore dainty details that make you feel unapologetically feminine—bows, laces, and floral appliques. Your wedding day is the perfect time for you to channel all that sweetness into your dress.

10. For the sophisticated bride:

Nothing wrong with wanting to feel like a princess, but instead of opting for a ball gown, go for a dress that highlights your curves in all the right ways. Understated glamour is the name of your game.

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