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How To Copy Suzy’s Style In 'While You Were Sleeping'

You won’t see her in anything ~kyeopta~!
PHOTO: While You Were Sleeping/SBS

Suzy’s Hong Joo in While You Were Sleeping is far from the damsel in distress—she's smart, strong-willed, and has a sweetheart to save, no less.

She’s the reason we’ll be sporting shorter haircuts soon and stealing shirts from our boyfriends now more than ever. Here are the ~essentials~ to snag if you want to cop her look:

  1. Army of coats

    JSYK, Hong Joo is the type who can do well on her own. She’s not the girl who’ll risk freezing outdoors so a guy could take his coat off and lend it to her for extra warmth.

    With her collection of power coats, she manages to look sharp even on days when she’s just donning a plain white tee underneath.
  2. ~Practical~ office bags

    Hong Joo has no need for fancy bags—or any unnecessary accessory for that matter. (Remember that time she wore earrings and left behind one on the hospital floor?)

    All Hong Joo needs is a fuss-free bag with no elaborate flaps or locks, so that she can easily get hold of her pen and notebook, or whatever it is she needs to get her story done.

  3. A reporter’s jacket

    In true journalist fashion, Hong Joo is often seen in trench coats and jackets that have huge lapels and lots of pockets—again, showing us how she prioritizes function and purpose over looking pretty.
  4. Fine white shirts

    Of course, what could be easier to mindlessly throw on than a crisp white shirt that goes well with everything? Look closely and you’ll see how Hong Joo’s stocked her closet full of it—white shirts that vary only in little details.
  5. The wrap skirt

    Far from idol Suzy who’s usually in A-line minis, Hong Joo likes her skirts long and midi-length, at the shortest. Her favorite style is the wrap skirt, a tiny touch that makes her outfit more feminine than usual.
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