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How To Layer Clothes In A Tropical Country Without Looking Ridiculous

"But I really want to wear a jacket today," is something you've actually said.

So you've always wanted to wear a jacket and a scarf with your long-sleeved turtleneck—but then you couldn't, because you live in the Philippines where it is NEVER cold.

But here's a style tip we learned from stalking Liz Uy's Instagram account: It IS possible to layer clothes in a tropical country. The technique really lies in pairing lightweight fabrics—like cotton, chambray, silk, and light knits—together.


You also have to be wary about the length of your clothes. For instance, it would be ridiculous to drape a long coat over leather pants if it isn't negative degrees outside.

For example: Liz pairs her cotton blazer with a sheer tank and jeans, while little sis Laureen Uy wears an oversized coat over her shorts-and-tee ensemble. The outfits will work best during dinners or a late-night stroll with the boyfriend.

Happy layering, you guys!

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