Simple Tricks You Can Try To Look Taller In Pants

Maximize every inch of your height!
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Good news for petite Pinays: You don't need to ditch your comfy flats on days when you want to look taller. Heels aren't the only way to add a few inches to your height (visually, at least). There are certain types of pants, for example, that can visually elongate one's frame. Try them out below, and see how you can incorporate them into your office wardrobe: 

  1. Vertical striped pants are your best bet.

    It's the oldest trick in the book! Vertical lines can help give the illusion of a leaner frame.

  2. Take the fail-proof high-waisted route.

    High-waisted pants can make the middle part of your body look higher, making your legs appear longer, too. 

    Tip: Opt for a wide-legged style to look even taller. Fair warning: It's horribly easy to trip in wide-legged pants (especially if you're wearing flats!) so consider having your bottoms altered so they hit just above the ground. 

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  3. Try wearing ankle-length culottes.

    Go for culottes that fall right above your ankles to avoid looking shorter in this pant style. And remember, always go for a high-waisted pair! 

  4. Invest in a jumpsuit.

    Solid-colored jumpsuits don't cut your frame so they create one long (leg-lengthening) line. 

    Tip: Look for ones with a cut that's high above the waist. This little detail in jumpsuits further elongates your lower body. 

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Bonus: Tuck in your tops!

Long tops that fall below the waist tend to shorten your lower body, so make sure to tuck them in-or consider embracing cropped tops, too! If you want to make a belly-baring top more office-appropriate, simply team it up with high-waisted pants to lessen the skin exposure. 

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