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How to Remove an Oil Stain

Dropped a greasy appetizer on your dress? Don't freak out--a quick restroom break ought to remove the stain in a snap!

You're at an event looking fabulous as usual, and you accidentally drop an oily hors d'oeuvre on your new dress. Perfect timing, right? Don't freak out. Wa-poise scenarios like this happen to the best of us, and if you find yourself caught in a sticky, er, greasy situation, all you need is a 10-minute bathroom break to resolve the issue.

Step 1. Ask a girl friend for tissue and loose white powder. If you have access to a kitchen, cornstarch or flour will do.

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Step 2: You're lucky if the stain's on an area you can easily pull away from your skin, like a skirt or a sleeve. Lay the fabric on a flat surface and sprinkle the powder liberally on the oil stain. 

Step 3. Using a piece of tissue, rub the powder on the stain to absorb the grease. Use more powder as necessary. Flip the fabric and sprinkle powder on the underside as well. Your goal is to absorb as much oil as possible before the next step.

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Step 4. Wet the powdered area with water (preferably warm). Rub any soap (liquid or bar; even dishwashing liquid soap will do) into the stain to break down the remaining grease. Rinse. Dry the fabric using the restroom's hand dryer.

Ta-da! Your oil stain just bid you farewell.