How To Style Your Work Wear From Day To Night With Minimal Effort

It's not that hard.

1. Add or subtract the blazer.


If you work in a corporate environment, chances are you’re always suited up in a blazer. The simplest way to take your nine-to-five look out is to remove the blazer out of the equation. That said, you’re no longer allowed to just wear a Uniqlo Airism spaghetti strap under your Zara blazer. Instead, try a sheer button down, a silky top, a turtle neck, or even a neutral crop top. It’s either that, or you invest in a punchy-hued blazer that can steal the party with its structured chicness.

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 2. Learn how to wear shorts to work. 

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Culottes are a great alternative to your boring ol' black slacks (plus, can take you straight to cocktail hour!).

 3. Invest in tons of button-downs. 

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Invest in all kinds of this office and closet staple because its versatility can take you a long way. Get one in silk, cotton, sheer, denim. Try it cropped, long up to the ankles, or at least long enough to cover a pair of shorts. The styling options are endless, plus it’s definitely something that you can wear from work to play. 

4. Always keep a clutch bag and a pair of dramatic earrings in your office or car

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You never know when your crush will ask you out and it’s nice to always be prepared. Keep a versatile purse and dramatic drop earrings around at all times in case of emergencies like this. Fashion girls know that these simple accessories can glam up even a regular shirt and jeans combination in a flash. 

5. Wear black.

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Ask yourself this: when do I usually go out? Is it on hump day Wednesdays, crowded Fridays, or chill Saturdays? Whether you have plans or not, wear black on these days. An LBD, or any OOTD with the yin yang combo of black and white, paired with some really feisty steppers is a no-fail equation. 

One final tip: Don't think that you always need to change into your high heels to go out, because with the current trend these days, it's actually the other way around. Keep on experimenting with different looks and you’ll find that dressing up for work to play is a lot easier in this cozy-obsessed millennium. 

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