How To Work Underwear As Outer Wear

Want to see what underwear works great as outer wear? Launch the gallery to see our on-trend recos.

These days, there are no such things anymore as absolute fashion dos and don'ts. In fact, the more unique and one-of-a-kind your personal style is, the more that it gets attention. For example, did you know that instead of your usual tops, you can actually use your underwear as outer wear?

Think about it, that's one less piece of clothing to wear. Plus, if on a regular day you feel sexy in your underwear, you'll feel even more desirable and confident in your skin when you play around with your brassiere as a skin-baring but elegant addition to your wardrobe.

We're upgrading your underwear by letting you in on what you can experiment with as outer wear. Check out the gallery to try our suggestions out.

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