23 Local Online Swimsuit Brands You Should Know

...and what we love about them!
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In our country of eternal summers, it should come as no surprise that pristine white beaches are a dime a dozen. And, where there are perfect beaches, there is also the undying need for the perfect swimsuit! Below, we round up 23 of the nation's favorite swimwear brands, all set to give you the sunshiniest season ever. Get shopping!

  1. Naked Sun Swimwear

    What we love: Understated, timeless, classic pieces that could totally be the swimsuit equivalent of your trusty LBD. 

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  2. Sundae Swimwear

    What we love: Look no further for holographic silver bikinis and rainbow tie-dye maillots! Funky.

  3. Sandy Cheeks

    What we love: Their kitschy designs feature bright colors, quirky prints, and the occasional sprinkle of glitter.

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  4. Luela Luna

    What we love: Suits that are minimalist, versatile, and basic in the very best way! Think of these as your summer blank canvases.

  5. Anemone Swimwear

    What we love: They've got a huuuuge array of mix-n'-matchable bikinis in understated bohemian prints! 

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  6. Float Swimwear

    What we love: Into all things ultra femme? Float's got ruffled, ribboned, and frilled pieces that are both ladylike and modern.

  7. Soak Swimwear

    What we love: Tasteful tropical-printed maillots and racerback bikinis mean stylish comfort. Also, check out their selection of straw sun hats!

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  8. Eighth Mermaid

    What we love: Simple pieces that each carry a bit of dainty detail: a tiny bow here, some slim ribbons there.

  9. Salt Swim

    What we love: Their sexy, strappy cutout maillots!

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  10. Nudo Swimwear

    What we love: Adorably scalloped swimmies, crochet bikinis, and ultra-flattering ruched maillots.

  11. Cesa PH

    What we love: They stock cute pompom-trimmed pieces, knot-front tops, and even rashguard-esque bikini wetsuits!

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  12. I Love Koi

    What we love: Another haven for mixable separates! We like their ruched, high-waisted bottoms and balconette tops.

  13. Beyond The Beach PH

    What we love: Pretty knot details and wrap-style maillots that come in elegant, muted colors!

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  14. Pepper Swim

    What we love: Hunt for seamlessly high-cut, '80s inspired suits that scream Baywatch.

  15. Georgina Sasha

    What we love: Ready to have some fun? Check out their personalized (yes, you can send in whatever statement text you like) slogan maillots!

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  16. Sycamore Swimwear

    What we love: Subtle yet cute prints that dot their reversible bikinis—they totally work double time!

  17. Fashion Paranoia

    What we love: We just can't get over those divine velvet bodysuits!

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  18. Holy Skull Swimwear

    What we love: Funky, tongue-in-cheek prints that are perfect for nabbing that Tumblr girl #aesthetic.

  19. Solen Swimwear

    What we love: Bright, bold hues on no-nonsense swimsuit silhouettes. Go neon!

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  20. Primrose

    What we love: Eye candy alert! Check out their crazy colorful, one of a kind, neoprene-and-crochet triangle bikinis.

  21. Neon Island

    What we love: You can be sure that these pieces are unique because every single print is hand-drawn!

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  22. Hey Babe Swim

    What we love: Their athletic, short-sleeved bikini tops and strappy maillots.

  23. Coral Swimwear

    What we love: Bold Aztec prints and sweet off-shouldered one-pieces.

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