The Cutest Mini Bags That Look Good With Any Outfit

You’ll want them all!
PHOTO: Instagram/keraandco

Toting a smaller-than-usual sling bag or clutch is tantamount to letting go and freeing yourself from ~worries~ of not bringing your entire house wherever you go! With only the super duper important things in tow, you’re actually making room for more adventure.

Here are the cutest mini bags that made our list:


    Despite their size, these bags will surely steal attention with their bold, quirky designs. Who wouldn’t smile at the sight of dainty pink flamingos or crawling little ladybugs on a bag, right?

    Our picks: The Penny Worth Shop’s printed rattan bag is easily a tropical girl essential, while the ladybug bag from February Lifestyle is a unique choice.


    Don’t be a square! Of-the-moment bags are all about ~structure~ and boxy shapes. They come in bright weaves and luxurious leather, too. 

    Our picks: These colorful woven clutches from Rags2Riches are nothing like we’ve seen, and FINO Leather’s office-ready sling is definitely eye-catching.


    A smart purchase means handy-dandy bags that don't just serve as accessories—they should double as instant pick-me-uppers, too. Wearing one elevates your outfit and lifts your mood.

    Our picks: Kera & Co’s clutches are impossible to resist, tbh; and so is this super convenient mini bayong from Halo Halo. This bright yellow number from Afternoon Fridays is a no-fail way to brighten up your day, too.


    When all else fails, fall back to the classics. These woven bags are intricately made into timeless, chic designs you’ll always be proud to carry.

    Our picks: The details of Island Girl’s bag are one-of-a-kind! Also worth the purchase are these elegant clutch bags with beautiful stone clasps from By Hand, and this cylindrical bag from Style Cat that lets you mix and match different bag straps.

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