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Models' Ultimate Survival Kit (That You SHOULD Have, Too!)

Equip yourself with these essentials, and you can strut like a ramp-ready model anywhere you go!

Just like any girl scout, every successful professional model has a trusty beauty and fashion arsenal to rely on, to help her look put together and, to the best of her ability, look perfect! Yes, that’s exactly the point: NO ONE is perfect. Not even models wake up looking amazing! There is a process models follow to help them look camera or runway ready. That’s why there’s such a thing as the Model’s Bag.

This is the bag that professional models bring to work to help make their job--including that of the photographer, stylist, and makeup artist--a whole lot easier. The objective is to make the client happy that they chose you for the job!

Well, you don't need to be a model to look like one, as the world is your catwalk. While there are several items in a standard model's bag, allow me to share the TOP 10 things models need to help them look fash, in and out of the job.

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  1. Nude Seamless Underwear

    Just like in baking, makeup, and relationships, the foundation of your wardrobe is essential to help make it work. In fashion's case, the foundation is the right underwear.

    Models always rely on seamless, nude thongs to make clothes drape on their bodies flawlessly. The thong style is merely an option for you. Seamless undies would deter unnecessary and unflattering bulges. Nude--NOT WHITE is the best color, as it replicates your own skin tone. This is best for sheer clothing. Think of it like choosing foundation: it should match your skin tone.

    La Senza has a great line of seamless undergarments in different styles and sizes to suit your body needs!

  2. Little Black Dress

    Models attend several casting calls or go-sees, which require them to “go see the client” to vie for jobs. Since there are a variety of looks or roles in the modeling industry, models are best seen in basic or generic clothing. At the same time, they must look very presentable.

    A wardrobe staple, the little black dress is the one item we rely on to look polished. Make sure it fits well and shows enough but not too much skin. This rule applies to both dressing for a man or a job.

    Get more for your money by owning a designer LBD that suits your every mood and budget, like the multi-way jersey dresses of Randy Ortiz for Kashieca Luxe.

  3. Classic Black High-Heeled Pumps

    Aside from adding to your height, heels can also do several other things:

    • They instantly tighten your butt and thighs, as the balls of your feet carry your weight.
    • They make your legs look more toned when wearing skirts or shorts.
    • They can "lengthen" your leg, especially when there's NO strap across the ankle.
    • They glam up any outfit, even if it's as simple as a tank top with jeans.
    • Most importantly, heels can make you feel sexier instantly!
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    This is probably the ONE thing models need to brave the fashion fight with style. They need it to look great both for jobs and parties/events.

    Make sure to get high-heeled shoes in a style you can actually walk in comfortably, or else you'll look like a duck with its butt sticking out, struggling for balance and enduring the pain! Like I always say, “The higher the heels, the higher to heaven!” Find fabulous high heels from brands like Charles & Keith or, for more budget-friendly finds, check out Payless Shoe Source.

  4. Well-Fitted Jeans

    When a model doesn't really need to be in a black dress, a perfect pair of fitting jeans is a model's must-have, especially when shuttling from one casting or job to another.

    It's not enough to own just any pair; they need to fit according to your body type! Know whether you have a boyish figure, bigger hips, or proportioned physique. You need to consider all these things so your legs will look endless and lean, and your butt toned and tight!

    Levi's Curve ID custom-fit jeans offer distinct and flattering fits for every body type!

  5. Silicone Nipple Covers

    If models need to wear backless styles or bikinis for photo shoots or fashion shows, wearing a bra is obviously not an option. However, wearing nipple covers is a MUST. Personally, I prefer silicone nipple covers, as they won't wrinkle on your skin, especially when it's cold. Make sure to wash them after every use, to remove sweat and dead skin (which can prevent it from sticking on in the future). For better adhesion, apply double-sided tape (which is also a MUST-HAVE in a model's bag for fashion emergencies)!

    Try Bench Silicone Nipple Tape, P179.75.

  6. Body Lotion

    Models never leave the house or step out on the runway without perfecting the look of their skin from top to toe! Lotion makes skin glisten, which is a sign of healthy skin, and gives the appearance of a more toned physique.

    Keep your skin supple and smooth on and off the runway with Johnson's 24-Hour Lasting Moisture Body Lotion.

  7. Shimmer

    To add some extra sparkle and amp up the glisten from the lotion, we models apply a bit of shimmer on strategic points of the body we wish to accentuate or highlight: shoulders, collarbone, shins, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose. You can use it all over your body, but do apply it sparingly—too much shimmer can make one look bigger and, well, greasier.

    Model-turned-actress Bubbles Paraiso, PMAP model Mia Ayesa, and I swear by this: Ever Bilena Advance Bronzing Powder in gold, P179.75.

  8. Concealer/Foundation

    If there's one myth about models that needs to be cleared up right now, it would be this: Models have perfect skin!

    Okay, so maybe most of them have great, healthy-looking skin, but having perfect skin is nearly impossible. That's why models rely on concealer to even out their skin tone or hide a breakout or two every so often.

    Since models carry a lot of items in their kikay kit, it's always great to find products that can serve more than one purpose to save time, space, and money. My top pick would be ModelCo Fluidsplash 3-in-1 Foundation, P2,250, as it's not only a liquid foundation that can go on from light to full coverage, it also comes with a concealer, which can double-duty as an eye makeup base!

  9. Face Powder

    Being looked at all the time is something models have to live with. Admittedly, it can be a lot of pressure on their part since they get a lot of criticism the moment they look a tad disheveled!

    So, they try to look fresh on the go with the help of good ol' face powder! This not only helps set concealer/foundation but also serves as an easy way to look made up (if you had to choose just one makeup item).

    Opt for a powder foundation with buildable coverage so you can control how much you need when on the go! Try Maybelline Angel Fit Powder Foundation, P649.75.

  10. Tweezers

    When models head to the makeup artist's chair, the first thing that needs to be prepped is the shape of her eyebrows. Groomed brows, when shaped properly, instantly lift and frame the face and open up the eyes. So even without any makeup on, perfectly groomed brows are a model's secret to looking polished!

    After tweezing, add a flattering tint that complements or, if possible, matches your hair color. Then apply brow gel to keep them in place. Get both with E.L.F. Brow Treat & Tame, P249.75.

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Now that you've got your model essentials in tow, you're ready to go struttin' at the mall or to a party!

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