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This Local Jewelry Brand Will Convince You To Wear Baybayin Necklaces

Where To Buy Baybayin Necklaces
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Customized pendants can bear your name or your favorite word. But if you want something with a deeper and more meaningful design, we suggest that you get a necklace with a Baybayin pendant to pay homage to your Filipino roots. 

Baybayin is the ancient Filipino alphabet system that was used before the Spaniards came to colonize the Philippines. Friars had to learn this script to teach Christianity to our Filipino ancestors.

You can order beautiful Baybayin necklaces from the local jewelry shop, Quielle at their official store on Shopee. Their Baybayin pendants are made of stainless steel and are handmade! Aside from Filipino script necklaces, they also carry other dainty jewelry designs. You may check out their whole collection in one easy scroll on their Instagram account.

BTW, in case you're out of ideas of what words you'd want your Baybayin pendant to have, you can choose a Filipino word (not a Spanish-derived term) that describes your life motto. Some beautiful examples are "mahalaga" (important, valuable), "malakas" (strong), "maniwala"  (believe), "tadhana" (destiny), and "gigil" (the urge to squeeze something out of cuteness). Quielle can also suggest Baybayin versions of your chosen name or word.


Quielle Baybayin necklaces range from P599 to P699, depending on the design and chain length. You can get it in non-tarnish gold or silver stainless steel. Since these are customized, you have to wait three to four weeks for your order.

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