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These 5 Pieces Are All You Need For Your Rainy Weather OOTDs

We assembled a no-fail capsule wardrobe to keep you comfy through the season!

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Waking up to gray skies and downpours is enough to wash away any motivation of dressing up. But why should you let the rain dampen your style? These chic but practical pieces still keep your OOTDs at their A game even when the weather is less than stellar.

1. A Bright Blazer

Show that the rain can’t wash away your sunny personality. Wear a brilliant blazer in fuchsia, orange, or canary yellow. You can pair it with an all-black outfit, but you can also go full-on monochromatic.

2. A Comfy Cardigan

A soft and snuggly cardigan keeps you warm and cozy when the sun’s on an off-day. It’s easy to pull on over any ensemble—be it a tank top and jeans or a sleek tailored dress.

3. An Oversized Sweater

Feeling chilly? Bring out your inner '90s kid with an oversized sweater. It'll keep you warm even on the windiest of days, but if you're just in it for the fashion, pair it with a mini skirt and knee-high boots.

4. A Denim Jacket

This is one of the most practical things you can wear during the rainy season. It keeps you protected from the rain and will go with any ensemble you want to wear. Keep it casual by pairing matching it with your pants and adding on a belt bag, or use it to dress down your favorite shift dress when you're at the office.

5. A Pastel-Colored Blazer

Who says you can't wear sweet pastels on a gloomy day? This cotton candy blue blazer lightens up the mood. Pair it with cropped trousers so you can save those hems from puddles and grimy rainwater. For the shoes, put on ankle boots or high sneaks to complete that rainy day IG snap.

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