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Real Women Reveal How They Upgrade Simple Outfits

Say, you suddenly needed to go to an event, and you're wearing a simple outfit for the day. What will you do? Get ideas from these girls we caught at an evening affair.

No matter how much we hate them, last-minute events always crop up, and we can't always turn down the invitations. So what will do you if you came to work that day in a simple outfit, or when it's dress-down Friday (like today!) and you really did, well, dress down?

Cosmo went to The Fort one night, and we passed by NBC Tent, where big events are normally held (the Cosmopolitan Bachelor Bash was held there for several years, but we're moving it to a BIGGER venue next month!). That night, we spotted gals in various outfits, that ranged from a tank top and jeans getup to a classic LBD. Whether they were in casual or dressy, these girls managed to look chic. So we asked them: How do you spruce up a simple outfit?

Get helpful ideas from your fellow Cosmo chicks by launching the gallery. Also see what they were wearing.

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