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This No-Sew Hack Will Make Your Fave Pair Of Jeans Fit Better

It's pure genius!
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You know this all too well: You buy a pair of jeans that looks so good on your bum and fits well on your thighs, only to find out that it's too big for your waist. It's a dilemma a lot of women deal with every time they shop for denim pants or shorts.

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You may opt to sew your pants' waistline, but let's face it, that's too much work! You can also wear a belt, but not everyone owns one. TBH, a belt sometimes doesn't go with your OOTD. Thankfully, we found a hack that will make your jeans fit better in seconds.

Style posted on TikTok a genius way to "alter" large pants: You simply need to hook the button to the belt loop on the left side and just button it back up! That's it—that's the hack. 


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? original sound - style

We also spotted this hack on Chie Filomeno, aka it ~really~ works~. She even posted a quick tutorial on her Insta.

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Now, if your jeans are too tight, you can try this rubber band hack: All you need to do is to loop a hair tie into the buttonhole, hook it on the button, and proceed to zip your pants up. Check out this vid for the full demo:


whats ur fave brand of jeans at the moment? lmk ? ##lifehack ##diyhack ##highwaistedjeans ##highwaistjeans ##jeans ##clothinghacks ##outfittips

? Savage - Megan Thee Stallion

BRB, trying these hacks on all my denim pants.

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