Shoes To Wear On Rainy Days

The Prettiest Shoes To Wear On Rainy Days

Been stumped for rainy day footwear choices lately? We got you!
PHOTO: Coleen Oliva, John Henri Mariano

We usually have rainy days figured out: movies and series to watch, pajamas to wear, and snacks to gorge on. You know it—the ultimate self-care starter pack. But if you can't help but go outdoors when it's raining outside, resort to these cool footwear picks to keep your feet dry all day.

VIDEO PRODUCED BY:  Erika Villa-Ignacio


VIDEO SHOT BY: Coleen Oliva and John Henri Mariano

VIDEO EDITED BY:  Coleen Oliva, John Henri Mariano, and Angelica Rosales 

STYLED BY: Happy Lopez

HAIRSTYLIST: Christopher Alonzo

MAKEUP ARTIST: Tin Albano using NARS Cosmetics

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